FarmVille : How to Earn Ribbons

Published: 08th February 2010
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Farmville ribbons are awarded to players who manage to carry out a specific task on Farmville. You can just play the game and wait to be awarded a ribbon when you accidently complete task without realising it, but when you earn a ribbon you also earn extra points and Farmville money. So it makes sense to know how to earn Farmville ribbons if you want to help yourself to level up quickly on Farmville.

As you are probably aware to level up quickly on Farmville is the best way to release more crops, animals and other game items for you to access. The more items you can use the better are your chances of becoming a Farmville expert. There are however certain ways to make sure that you are awarded ribbons on Farmville.

High Roller Ribbon
I am going to start with the high roller ribbon as it is the easiest one to earn. You earn this ribbon by earning Farmville coins and the best way to Farmville coins is to make sure your farm is kept full of crops. You earn coins by planting and then harvesting these crops, but the secret is to harvest the more expensive crops as that way you will earn yourself more experience points and it is these points that you need to move up to each level on Farmville.

Local celebrity ribbon
This is another ribbon that is very easy to earn once you start to play Farmville. To earn this all you need to do is to have Farmville neighbours. You can start getting neighbours by clicking on the tab that is labelled "Farmville neighbours", this will show all your friends on face book that play Farmville.

Just add all your friends as Farmville neighbours, but if you only have one or two friends that play Farmville then there is no need to miss out on this ribbon. All you need to do is to register at the Farmville forum where you can ask for Farmville neighbours. I done this when first started playing farmville and within 2 hours I had an extra 28 neighbours who had asked me to become their neighbour on Farmville.

Gifted not spoiled ribbon
This ribbon is easy enough to earn but you do need to have a lot of neighbours so it will be best to follow what I described above first. To earn this ribbon you have to be sent and accept gifts from your neighbours, when receiving gifts you have to remember that you can only have 21 unique gifts in your received box at a time. If you do have duplicate gifts in your box you will have to remove them.

You can use or sell any duplicate gifts that you have received. This ribbon is earned by all the gifts remaining in your received box. So you need to have 21 different gifts rather than having a total of 21 gifts that's made up of having duplicates of the same gift.

By knowing how to earn farmville ribbons you will soon be on your way to becoming a Farmville expert in no time.

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